Blog December 17, 2019
Healthcare Vendor Service Agreements: 10 Key Terms and Concepts

  This guidance is intended to assist anyone who has the responsibility for procuring, negotiating, approving or administrating contracts for services with third-party vendors so that they may better understand and more efficiently manage the…

Blog May 23, 2019
Physician Employment Agreements: Key Areas to Negotiate

    Physician employment contracts encompass relationships between doctors and savvy hospitals/health systems, academic medical centers, and private practices.  These contracts have evolved into sophisticated instruments drafted principally to benefit the employer.  They specify the…

Blog January 24, 2019
Walgreen’s Pays $269MM on False Claims Act Violations

Two separate settlements involving Walgreens, approved last week by U.S. District Court judges in Manhattan, were unsealed Tuesday, according to the U.S. Justice Department. U.S. officials said the company accepted responsibility for conduct the government…