Practice Areas
  • Negotiate Managed Care Contracts

    Negotiate Managed Care Contracts

    At The Law Office of Bradley Byars, we help our clients negotiate key terms like rates, the claims process, arbitration provisions, exit options, and other key provisions of managed care contracts. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector and are available to provide legal guidance for both providers and medical facilities.

    If you are seeking legal guidance for the negotiation of a managed care contract, you can learn more by contacting the Law Office of Bradley Byars.

  • Private Equity Negotiations

    Private Equity Negotiations

    Private equity firms and private investors engage in a wide range of complex transactions. Negotiating terms in these deals is vital, as the right set of terms could be the difference between a healthy profit or a devastating loss for the investment. Most private equity firms hire private equity lawyers to assist with these transactions, along with other matters related to funding and investments.

    Some of the private equity transactions that a lawyer can help negotiate terms for include:

    • Buy-outs
    • Add-on acquisitions
    • Minority and growth investments for private equity sponsors
    • Going from a public to a private company or vice versa
    • Private equity company sales
    • Company acquisitions by private equity buyers
    • Co-investments between institutional investors and private equity sponsors
    • Rollover of equity during sales
    • Debt financing
    • Recapitalizations and restructurings

    At the Law Office of Bradley Byars, we assist our private equity clients in negotiating the terms of private equity deals. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Open a Treatment Center, Pharmacy, Laboratory, or Facility

    Open a Treatment Center, Pharmacy, Laboratory, or Facility

    Opening a new facility is the dream for many professionals working in the healthcare field, from doctors to pharmacists to drug treatment specialists, among others. An experienced healthcare attorney can provide legal guidance from the earliest stages of this process and ensure that all documentation is in order and that the facility is not exposed to any unnecessary liability risks.

    Legal representation remains essential for healthcare facilities for the full duration of their operations as well. After providing the legal guidance needed to get the facility running, a healthcare lawyer can continue representing the facility and assist in the wide range of legal complexities involved with operating in healthcare.

    If you are planning to open a healthcare facility, healthcare attorney Bradley Byars can help you develop a strong game plan and continue to represent your facility for years to come.

  • Defend Against Recoupment

    Defend Against Recoupment

    When insurers believe that they have issued an overpayment to a healthcare provider, they may issue a recoupment to request the return of those funds. Healthcare providers have the right to challenge the recoupment if they disagree that an overpayment occurred.

    Defending against recoupment as a healthcare provider is a complex process that involves going up against powerful insurance companies that have lawyers who specialize in providing a basis for recoupment requests. Healthcare attorney Bradley Byars helps healthcare providers defend against erroneous recoupments for insurance companies.

  • Sell or Buy a Healthcare Business

    Sell or Buy a Healthcare Business

    Like other business transactions, the purchase or sale of a healthcare business is a long, complex process that often requires assistance from an experienced business lawyer. Those who are planning to either acquire or sell a healthcare business should consider speaking with a business lawyer who specializes in the healthcare industry.

    Some of the main tasks that a healthcare lawyer can provide legal guidance for include:

    • Performing due diligence
    • Preparing listings for sales
    • Drafting and negotiating purchase deals
    • Writing management agreements
    • Helping sellers find potential buyers

    You can learn more about what to expect when selling or buying a healthcare business by speaking with experienced healthcare lawyer Bradley Byars.

  • License a Medical Device

    License a Medical Device

    The manufacturers of medical devices are required to meet a wide range of regulatory requirements before their products can hit the market.

    At the Law Office of Bradley Byars, our healthcare attorneys help our medical device company clients meet these licensing requirements, including matters like:

    • Determining the correct FDA classification (Class 1, II, or III)
    • Labeling requirements
    • Establishment registration
    • Medical device reporting requirements (MDR)
    • Premarket notification (510(k))
    • Quality system regulation, good manufacturing practices, and other regulatory requirements
    • Premarket approval (PMA)
    • 513(g) letters if the company believes the product is not a medical device
  • Lease a Building

    Lease a Building

    Commercial leases for healthcare facilities are complex legal agreements and are typically much more complicated than residential leases. The healthcare attorneys at the Law Office of Bradley Byars help our healthcare provider clients negotiate fair terms in commercial lease agreements.

    Some of the key terms that may require negotiation when leasing a building for a healthcare facility include:

    • Whether the tenant or landlord is responsible for maintenance
    • Which party pays for utilities, taxes, and property insurance
    • The monthly rent and length of the lease
    • Drafting a letter of intent in the early stages
    • Lease terms for house the property will be used
    • Out clauses

    Contact the Law Office of Bradley Byars today for legal guidance on leasing a building for a healthcare facility.

  • Hire, Recruit, or Terminate a Physician

    Hire, Recruit, or Terminate a Physician

    Recruiting and hiring new physicians involves extensive paperwork and complex contracts. Healthcare providers also often need to navigate legal complexities if they find themselves in the unfortunate position of needing to terminate a physician.

    Experienced healthcare attorney Bradley Byars offers legal guidance to healthcare providers in all matters relating to acquiring new physicians or firing a physician that currently works at the facility. Contact Bradley today for more information.

  • Implement Policies and Procedures

    Implement Policies and Procedures

    Strong medical practices have sound structures based on detailed policies and procedures for both the employees and the owners of the practice. These policies and procedures can outline expectations for all who work at the practice. This strategy can be implemented through a formal manual that sets expectations.

    Healthcare attorneys can provide guidance with drafting employee policies and procedures and putting these plans into practice. An attorney can also assist the medical practice if the policy is violated. You can learn more about implementing policies and procedures in your healthcare practice by contacting the Law Office of Bradley Byars.

  • Board Advisor

    Board Advisor

    A healthcare attorney can serve as a board advisor for healthcare companies. As a board advisor, an attorney can help their client better manage their business.

    A board of advisors is typically a team that includes an attorney, a financial expert, an accountant, a marketing advisor, and a human resource manager. Each of these professionals serves a vital role and is essential in helping a healthcare business find long-term success.

    Contact the Law Office of Bradley Byars today to learn more about how a healthcare attorney can serve as a board advisor for your company.

  • Licensing, Certification and Accreditation

    Licensing, Certification and Accreditation

    The Law Office of Bradley Byars offers legal assistance in earning licensing, certification, and accreditation for a variety of healthcare facilities and businesses, including:

    • Hospitals
    • Nursing homes
    • Pharmacies
    • Diagnostic facilities
    • Hospices
    • Assisted living facilities
    • Professional medical services agencies

    Our law firm represents clients in all matters related to licensing, certification, and accreditation, including:

    • Ownership changes
    • Changes of control
    • State surveys
    • EMTALA complaint surveys
    • Safety code violations
    • Immediate jeopardy letters
    • Medicare termination of participation enforcement actions
    • Joint Commission compliance policies
    • Communication with state licensing agencies
  • Operational Matters

    Operational Matters

    Healthcare providers can benefit from legal guidance on the general operational matters of their facilities. A healthcare attorney can assist with all of the key operational issues involved with operating a healthcare facility, such as:

    • Risk management
    • Meeting all regulatory and legal requirements, such as HIPAA patient privacy and security requirements and the anti-kickback statute
    • State insurance laws
    • Reimbursement issues
    • Staff privileges and expectations
    • Professional liability requirements
    • Confidentiality standards
    • Advance directives
    • EMTALA transfers
    • Anti-discrimination and accessibility matters
    • Informed consent
  • Regulatory Due Diligence

    Regulatory Due Diligence

    Operating in the healthcare field requires meeting strict regulatory requirements at both the federal and state levels. Regulatory due diligence is a process in which a healthcare attorney thoroughly reviews all aspects of a company to determine if they are currently meeting all regulatory requirements.

    Regulatory due diligence is key during healthcare facility mergers and acquisitions. Purchasers are at risk of discovering regulatory liabilities if they fail to conduct comprehensive due diligence for compliance.

    The process of conducting regulatory due diligence varies depending on the industry. This process is especially complex in the healthcare sector due to healthcare facilities being bound by a large number of complex state and federal laws. At the Law Office of Bradley Byars, we conduct regulatory due diligence on behalf of our clients to ensure compliance before transactions.